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What home owners and property managers usually want to know about Bookiply.
What is Bookiply?
Bookiply is designed for happy hosts. It's an advanced and intuitive tool to help homeowners and agencies generate more bookings with less work. With Bookiply you have one central account for your entire global distribution: one property configuration, one calendar, one contract for all portals, one contact person, one invoice - and one click to distribute on the biggest portals. As simple as that.
How much does it cost?
Contact us for details on pricing in your region.
Can I manage my vacation rental from one central account and publish it on multiple platforms?
Exactly. You no longer have to worry about juggling multiple accounts and platforms. You only need to manage your Bookiply account and we take care of the rest: setting up contracts with the platforms, implementing competitive cancellation and payment conditions, and ensuring your listing is displayed correctly on the portals you want. You’ll have everything centralized in our tool.
Do I need to log in to every platform to make changes?
No! You make changes once in Bookiply and they are automatically reflected on all platforms.
Can I still work with agencies or does Bookiply require exclusivity?
You can still work with agencies and other partners. Bookiply does not require exclusivity. However, although Bookiply is compatible with distribution via other partners, it's important to maintain the Bookiply calendar updated.
What is the difference between Bookiply and other channel managers? Or other agencies?
Bookiply offers easy automatic distribution and high quality content to reach a global audience with attractive listings. We are a hybrid, offering both channel manager distribution and agency content services.
How can I make changes to my profile?
You’ll get a login for Bookiply and can always, whenever and from wherever you want, make changes to your profile - from your desktop computer or on the go on your mobile phone, via the Bookiply app.
What cancellation policies apply for each portal?
We implement each portal’s strictest cancellation policies. These vary from portal to portal. You can see them in the distribution section of our tool when selecting the various portals.
What payment terms apply for each portal?
We have the most competitive payment terms for each portal and again these vary from portal to portal. You can see them in the distribution section of our tool, when selecting the various portals.
Does Bookiply act as intermediary or does the owner charge the guest directly?
On the different distribution platforms, all properties appear under Bookiply’s logo and profile. Thus Bookiply acts as intermediary. Once the guest payment has been received by Bookiply, the amount will be transferred to you.
How does it work with guest payments?
The payments usually happen before the guest check-in. The first part is paid shortly after the booking, the remainder payment then is made a few days before check-in - depending on the portal's pay out terms.
Where and when is the security deposit paid?
How security deposits are handled depends on the portals: For Homeaway and Airbnb the deposit is managed by the portal. For and Holidu the deposit should be delivered to the homeowner or property manager upon arrival of the customer and returned upon departure. In this case it is the homeowner's responsability to collect and return the deposit.
Who are Bookiply’s partners?
We currently work with Airbnb,, Holidu and Homeaway. However, we work to continuously add new partners to offer you a variety and great international mix of distribution channels.
What is "instant booking"?
"Instant booking" means a guest does not need to wait for a homeowner to validate their inquiry. A guest can instantly book a vacation rental online without any prior request. This implies an up-to-date calendar so as to avoid overbookings.
What is the "best price guarantee"?
The "best price" is defined as the lowest amount you receive net of commissions from the other channels you use to distribute. Amount net of commissions = the price you've configured in a particular portal minus that portal's commission.
How does the check-in and check-out work?
You organise the check-in or check-out directly with the guest. Bookiply does not offer check-in or check-out services.
Will I still directly be in touch with guests?
Definitely, yes. We send you all guest details prior to the guest’s arrival so that you can get in touch with them.
What happens in case of overbookings?
The Bookiply tool has been developed to avoid overbookings, through calendar synchronization options and mobile phone access. If an overbooking or overlapping bookings do occur, Bookiply generated reservations prevail.
What do you mean with quality content?
We offer quality content production for houses in certain areas. Quality content refers to attractive and optimized description texts of your property, native speaker translations of these texts, and professional photos taken by a specialized photographer.
How does it work with the professional photographer service?
We partner with selected professionals that are specialized in vacation rental photography. This service is available in certain regions only. It works as follows: We schedule an appointment with you and the photographer. They visit your property and take great pictures. We select the best ones and publish them in your Bookiply account.
Who is the team behind Bookiply’s product and idea?
Bookiply is a travel tech company headquartered in Munich and has offices in some of the most attractive travel destinations in Europe. Operating as an independent business part of the Holidu group, Bookiply builds a new generation property management tool for vacation rental owners and managers. The teams consist of a truly international mix of sales, technology and vacation rental experts. Together we work hard to reach our ambitious goals - but never forget to have fun along the way.

What is Bookiply?

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