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Maximize your revenue, save time and make your guests happy

The all-in-one solution for your vacation rental business

Increase your visibility and get more bookings

Channel manager

Tired of logging into multiple portals and updating your calendars & listings?

With Bookiply's channel manager, you only need one contract with a single account to be present on all top portals:, Airbnb, Vrbo, Holidu, Google Vacation Rentals, Spain-Holiday, Hundredrooms, and Bookiply.

Your benefits:

  • Central channel management
  • No double bookings
  • Higher ranking on booking portals

Professional photos

Listings with professional photos are proven to get 5 times more bookings, but arranging for a professional photoshoot can be costly and time-consuming.

Bookiply's got you covered: we've teamed up with local professional photographers who are dedicated to showing your property in the best light to attract more guests.

No extra costs! A photoshoot is included in your service package.

Smart prices

Bookiply offers features to help you set the right prices so that you don't leave money on the table.

With exclusive market insights, you can compare your prices with similar properties in your area and make seasonal adjustments to reach maximum return throughout the year. We make sure your offer stays competitive at all times - you will find optimization suggestions in your Bookiply app.

Optimized description texts

A professionally optimized description text makes a greater difference to your booking rate than you may think. Our description texts highlight the most relevant features for guests and ensure they have all the information they need to choose their accommodation.

Over the years, we have collected frequently asked questions from thousands of guests to make sure your description text covers all relevant topics.

Personalized website

Having your own booking website has never been so easy. No technological skills are required anymore - with only a few clicks, your property page is set up.

This is especially convenient for working with your return guests, send them the link and both of you will enjoy benefits:

  • Your guests get the best price
  • You benefit from a higher payout
  • Low portal commissions - only the Bookiply service fee applies

Forget administrative chaos

Synchronized calendar

Having to update calendars on multiple portals is time consuming and exposes you to the risk of double-bookings. Bookiply's synchronized calendar saves time, protects you from overbookings and cancellation penalties.

Calendars from non Bookiply portals can automatically be added to the Bookiply calendar using iCal. This way you can see all your bookings at one glance and your calendar stays up to date at all times.

Invoice & payout management

We make payouts easy - for every booking, you will receive the full amount no later than one day after check-in.

Forget hundreds of unsorted papers. All invoices are neatly stored in your Bookiply app and can be downloaded in a single click. This makes preparing your tax declaration simple & quick so that you have more time for things you truly enjoy.


We make sure all your helpers - family members, cleaning professionals or check-in service - get access to Bookiply.

With the Collaborators feature, you can easily add them to your account and assign roles depending on their tasks. This way, they stay informed and can plan accordingly without you having to notify them about every upcoming check-in.

Tidy booking management

Organization in high booking season is key. In your Bookiply account you have a simple overview of all new bookings, check-ins, check-outs and cancellations so that you stay organized at all times.

No surprises. Easier planning. Better guest experience.

Bookiply App

With our mobile app, you can manage your properties on the go and stay on top of upcoming bookings, check-ins and check-outs

It allows you to be reactive and stay informed at all times, so you can focus on a good guest experience- all free of charge.

Personal support for your business

Customer service

With Bookiply, you stay in direct contact with your guests while getting support whenever needed: pre-booking inquiries, booking modifications, communication with portals, and language barriers with guests.

  • A multilingual team working for you 7 days a week
  • Hosts first! We defend your interests in case of booking-related issues
  • Priority service: your cases are resolved faster thanks to our premium partnerships with booking portals

Account manager support

You don't have to do it alone. Our philosophy is: stay in control at all times, get support whenever you need it.

Your personal Account Manager is there to help optimize your listing for maximum revenue, share local market insights and answer any questions that may arise. We will check regularly if your property is competitive and suggest changes if necessary.

Local offices

We are there for you personally. Your Bookiply team is just a short drive away - you can stop by your local office any time to speak about your vacation rental.

As a Holidu host, you also get free access to all Holidu events where you can meet fellow hosts and learn more about the latest trends in the vacation rental industry.

Manage your business on the go and always stay up to date on arrivals, check-outs, new bookings & cancellations.

Bookiply Office